About Us

Tarangini has become one of the leading Indian associations due to the selfless services of the members and goodwill of people of Tanzania. The association has earned a name for itself due to the dedication of its members for promoting Sarvojana Sukhinobhavanthu.

Tarangini Executive Committee Members are trying their best to integrate more and more Telugu community members by way of emails, sms, telephonic calls and by word of mouth. Tarangini Executive Committee members also visit office of the Indian High Commissioner in Tanzania to discuss various issues and also about organizing Republic Day Celebrations. Executive Committee Members assure all members that they listen to member suggestions, comments, and opinions to do their best to serve members by their involvement.

Tarangini also understands the need to co-operate with the other communities and societies to ensure peace, development and prosperity for all, we meet with other communities regarding the Republic Day of India celebrations and also exchange information for participating in each others programs.

Tarangini organises charitable services for the benefit of people affected by misfortunes and organise socio-cultural activities.

Tarangini make innovative schemes for the year by planning to offer morale support for our members in Dar es salaam and other parts of the Tanzania by maintaining regular contacts with them and supporting them wherever necessary.

All Tarangini members are encouraged to contribute individually to charitable & social programs for the development of the community members and the society, to get actively involved in the development of Telugu community and our unique social and cultural heritage of India.

All members are encouraged to participate in all get-togethers for social interaction and to maintain regular contacts and relationship to make Tarangini live social network.

We are also planning to start "Telugu Cultural Centre" to promote the cultural activities, Wherein we plan to offer help to the members maintain and develop the culture, arts, sports capabilities & talents.

Hope to receive full support from all members in making all the events of Tarangini successful.

Together we move, Together we grow and together we succeed.